Spark Preston update

We’ve now presented five SPARK PRESTON events at which some 44 different, personal stories have been told by around three dozen individual story-tellers from all ages and walks of life, which is marvellous. Three different hosts have presented the events to date to keep the evenings fresh, and we aspire to make our story-telling club nights as inclusive and diverse as we can think of. Please note however, that we suggest a guideline film rating of PG12 for attending our evenings together; ie, any teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 should be accompanied by their legal guardians, as some story content may include adult themes and some strong off-the-cuff language. However, we can say that no speaker ever means to cause offence, but simply remains passionate about their life experiences which they choose to share with an open group in a public venue.

Although we are still finding our feet having brought this established format from London to Lancashire last October, the reaction we have received from the audiences after every one of our events has greatly encouraged us into producing our next event. As you’ll see from this website’s ‘sticky’, this is already booked for the Saturday 6 June, and the Theme for the evening will be announced in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled for posters, flyers, and Facebook and website announcements.

Word-of-mouth is the best way to introduce first time guests to Spark, and a very good way of doing this is via Twitter. Unfortunately, this is a weak point in our promotion at the moment and so we are looking for volunteers to help us develop our presence on this social media platform. Bringing new people into our story club helps to widen the range of tales into which we engage, so volunteer help will also be gratefully accepted if you know of a good place to put up our A3 / A4 posters or to leave and hand out A5 flyers.

The costs of producing such publicity literature and other bits and bobs has been borne to date by passionate volunteers. Our ‘parents’ at Spark London have a cover charge for their events, and we would like to establish a not-for-profit war chest to provide for these costs. An entry charge does not seem appropriate as we wish nothing to deter anyone from coming along, even if it’s only for a few minutes to get a feel of our events. So we would like to introduce the concept used at the “Free Fringe” in Endinburgh, where a voluntary donation may be made into a bucket. We can assure you that each and every penny dropped into suck a bucket will go only towards both the running costs of Spark Preston, and helping to deliver even better events into the future.

We have just created an email circulation database to keep anyone who wishes so to be kept informed of announcements of our forthcoming Spark Preston events. We’re colloquially calling these people ‘Sparklers’; cute, eh? If you’d like to join the Sparkler database, please drop an email to

Don’t forget that if you’re off for a long weekend in London, check out theĀ website and see if they’ve got an event on in Harringey or Brixton on whilst you’re down there.

All the best, everyone!