SPARK Preston V,  April 2015 - JOURNEY

SPARK Preston V, April 2015 – JOURNEY

The SPARK has now caught fire! Our fifth Preston event on April 11th at Korova was to a full house with 14 marvellous stories told on this Saturday night. But don’t worry, we’ll rearrange the layout so we can fit even more Sparklers in next time.

Delighted as we were to welcome back to the Arts Space our die-hard regulars and returnees from Spark Preston IV, it was so encouraging that returnees brought friends along too. And there were also a good number of new faces drawn in by our publicity, some to tell and some just to listen, with Sparklers coming from as far afield as Manchester and even London to share time with our story telling club.

Our debutante host for the evening, Rebecca, introduced and opened Spark Preston V – JOURNEY – with her story of a solo off-the-cuff visit to Sweden whilst five months pregnant. Knowing only how to say, “Sorry, I don’t speak Swedish,” in the native tongue, she’d made the long train trip from Stockholm Airport to her friend’s house easily, but the return journey turned into a nightmare of being thrown off trains in the middle of nowhere and being locked out of the Departure Lounge. But she remains very fond of Sweden, its people, and flat-pack furniture.

Travelling adventures naturally consumed the rest of the first set. Just as prepubescent teenagers should really think about what they are going to say at their destination when setting off to cycle through the snow, so should known somnambulists remember not to have a bevvy too many when on foreign holidays. And surely anyone, including Andy & Matt, could have told Steve that the South Downs also have some ups on a long distance walk?

After the first interval, it was pleasing that the second set centred on more metaphysical journeys. How did running in Japan help Seb and his social anxiety, and why does Carol wear purple, extravagantly? Young Maxine told of her most memorable meals abroad and returning Daz Sparkled once again.

In the final set, we heard of how journeys may separate ideologies, people and potential futures, perhaps in a circular manner? Garry learned of irrational religious zealots, lazy protestors and the odd paedophile who is not totally self-absorbed on his world travels, years after Margaret’s war-torn Britons could not buy fake Shredded Wheat; the only thing in the shop window. Like Enid, folk worked hard in the dangerous mills and did not know what they were missing. It was lovely to hear the true Prestonian accent again, just as it used to be before we all moved around so much!

Two skiffle bands passed each other between the stage and exit door one evening in Liverpool, 1961. David gave his band up and became a high ranking police officer over the years that followed, and the next time he was close to the man he passed on those stairs was just after a shooting by the front door of the Dakota Apartments in New York in 1981. Tasha’s romantic weekend in Amsterdam went on a day, and a night too long, but she lived to tell the tale. As did Tark’s family as they unwittingly partook on a dangerous cruise along the Mekong River in the ‘Golden Triangle’.

The band downstairs were about to start, so we had to wrap up. Yet perhaps the loveliest thing about Spark at Korova is that there is lots of time and room afterwards for all to chat about what has just been shared together informally, over tea or a stiffer drink. Which is just what we did.

We look forward to SPARK PRESTON VI, theme t.b.a. on hopefully the 6th June.

Check this website or Facebook for further details. Chin-chin!