Volunteer Assistance

A small team of SPARK enthusiasts have brought to Preston the events we’ve produced so far, but by doing a little something you can help make a bigger, slicker event for everyone!

We’re looking for volunteers who can help with the following roles, and it’s better to have more than a single person who can help with them as nobody can come to all our evenings together. We’ll set the show up, but helpful responsibilities we can trust to be undertaken by other volunteers include:

– Distribution : helping place flyers and posters in suitable locations to publicise our evenings;

– Mic stand and Background Music Monitor : to turn on/off the background music prior to the Host starting and finishing the events and during the intermission, and be on hand to adjust the mic stand to cope with the various heights of storytellers, as not everyone knows how to quickly adjust a mic stand. (dead easy, learned in 10 seconds, but important as this can be a confounding and confusing issue to a first time speaker);

– Timer : to time the 4 minute warning, and 5 minute “please finish now” alerts for every speaker;

– Photographer : pics of past events help keep our website and Facebook posts current and lively. Pictures are secondary to any story being told and the audience’s enjoyment of the story, so be discreet, and try to avoid use of flash;

– Collection Box : we don’t want to charge for our events, but would like to build up a a small ‘fighting fund’ to pay for publicity of various kinds, front of house niceties (eg candles, stage ornamentation etc) and other out of pocket expenses as they arise. The Host for the evening will mention the voluntary contribution that can be made, and identify the person to whom donations can be made during or after the event. The collection will be passed on to the…

– Treasurer : who will probably be Tarquin, but anyone else who can help in this regard is welcome to discuss this with us.

There’s some other technical aspects we’d like to nail down better than we’ve manged so far, but that’s enough for now. All the above roles will be discussed with any volunteer in greater detail with you once you put your name forward.

It’s all so everybody that comes to Spark Preston can enjoy the events more. It reminds me of the old Hungarian proverb, “If everyone sweeps in front of their house, the village will be clean.” The British condensed this to, “Many hands make light work”, but I’m sure you get the drift.