Spark Preston IX – PRIDE – Review

A whole host of fabulous and varied shows and exhibitions took place in the Lancashire Encounter weekend in which SPARK PRESTON was delighted to play a part.

As a one-off, Spark was bookended by music from Ribble City V, where Dave made his debut with Preston’s Premier Ukulele Rock Band and Delightful Delilah played with them for the last time before a work-based sabbatical.

PRIDE takes many forms and here’s a snapshot of some of the stories told on the evening:

* Being proud of rescuing a kitty in need, or was it a cat-napping?
* Differing reactions to rainbow regalia.
* Pride in winning a cricket match against the drunkest team in the tournament.
* Family pride in the creation of Ham and Jam cafe.
* Proud and adventurous behaviour at a strip club resulting in a new vocation.
* Supporting the British Lions in Australia.
* Dodging Pride by association in favour of journalistic exploits.