Birth 3Spark Preston 14 – Meetings

28 April 2017 at Ham & Jam Coffee Shop, Lancaster Road, Preston.

We had another splendid evening of sharing our own true stories with friends and strangers. We were very pleased to welcome a good number of new faces to the club and have a few more to sign up for our email list, where we endeavour to give you information about upcoming events, as Facebook is not the be all and end all of communication!

Once again, many thanks to Richard and his team at H&J for making Spark so welcome – and here’s a synopsis of what we heard about last night:

  • The first half was hosted by Rebecca, who met her 4th floor apartment block neighbours when her kitten, Jingo, was found by them stranded on their window sill;
  • Arthur’s meeting with David Prowse at a Sci-Fi convention became a litany of apologies from Mr Prowse who had felt the need to interrupt their chat to see off an aggressive sci-fi fan who’d been abusive in the adjoining celebrity’s booth;
  • Matt took us with him on his visit to Ontario, where he met a bear and an artist from Tahiti;
  • Michael concluded the first half explaining how his best mate’s girl, Naomi came by their flat for an all night session of watching WWF wrestling on TV, but they ended up on a long moonlit walk together.
  • Tark hosted the second half, and explained how his mother introduced him to her son’s guitar hero, Eddie van Halen, even though Tark’s mother had never heard of van Halen before that afternoon;
  • Daz was offered a boring position in data entry by the Job Centre, but froze when offered a second meeting interview for a better position, so went on a ‘bender’;
  • His brother Rob got bitten by a monkey in Wigan, but the doctor meeting him at A&E did not believe him;
  • Sylvie rolled her car in icy conditions on the Cambridgeshire Fens, but a passing crew of burly rugby players rescued her from the car and righted the car so she could get herself home;
  • Steve has been grunted at by ‘Sir’ Alex Furgusson in Wigan Athletic’s Players’ Lounge, and cannot say what Prince Michael of Kent said when introduced to him;
  • Then to our event night volunteer speakers, who included Dan (Michael above’s friend) who has dated too many different Naomi’s for his mate’s liking;
  • And Graham (or Graeme – I don’t know?) who has decided not to accept a new prescription for his epilepsy condition as his new doctor said it might lead to suicidal tendencies.

So as ever, a wide range of experiences to share and learn from, each in their own way. We’d like to thank Steve for making the recordings and Paul for his photos, which will appear shortly – although I attach a couple I also took last night.

We’d also like to thank everyone for the generous donations to our collection bucket at the end of the event. We keep the donated funds in a separate box at H&J and use them only for out of pocket expenses to keep bringing the event to all who wish to partake, either speaking or just listening.

As you may have seen, Spark Preston is to be held on the last Friday evening of every month at H&J. For May 26th, the theme is ‘Sport’, so get your thinking caps on for that one.

We want to get several Spark themes sorted out a few months in advance so that we can enter information to quarterly publications, such as Preston Arts News. Subject to confirmation and event dates, themes we may well use soon include ‘Change’, ‘Regret’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Fire’. Email members will hear first!

Thanks to all,

Spark Preston.